Super growth

How companies can seize marketing opportunities in the era of big data to achieve "super growth"

Daily life is highly digitized, and the contacts between companies and customers are also digitized. Convertlab will lead your company to find the hidden opportunities behind digital marketing

Super growth is explosive growth

It is a business-oriented first battle that must win and grow rapidly


Super growth is self-driven growth

It is a multi-party shaping personalized customer experience, progressive growth


Super growth is high performance growth

It is the collaboration of all employees, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, making marketing easier


Digital marketing is "super growth"

The era of disappearing dividends, the era of stalemate in digital transformation, how can marketing break the game? As the country’s first integrated marketing cloud provider to launch DM Hub products (digital marketing hubs), Convertlab’s original “super growth model” covers everything from digital links, data management, and in-depth insights to omni-channel consumer interaction management, strategy and automation, As well as agile marketing practices, help companies establish a "data-driven growth system" from theory to practice, and truly achieve super growth

Digitization and Digital Link

  • Digital upgrade of digital contacts (for example, offline activities)
  • In the digital contacts and can produce self-chain
  • Comprehensive management of the data of each contact, and the digital link itself
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Data management and processing

Data Management
  • Summary of omnichannel data
  • Management, identification and automatic merging of customer identity
  • Define customer life cycle models and automatically calculate customer life cycle stages
  • Mining the source data through a data model that meets the characteristics of the industry, and process it into portrait data describing customer characteristics.
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Analysis and insight

  • Analyze the state of the customer
  • The number of customers increasing,losing and getting colder.
  • Which channels bring more active customers, better conversion/retention
  • What are the common characteristics of customers with the strongest purchasing power
  • What factors correlate with the purchase frequency
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Omni-channel interaction

  • WeChat marketing (including mini programs)
  • SMS marketing
  • Email marketing
  • App push
  • Targeted advertising
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To automate

  • After passing the scattered "precision marketing" campaign, establish an overall precision marketing strategy and system
  • Looking for the moment of truth (Moment of Truth)
  • Design Customer Journey
  • Establish an Always on marketing strategy
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Agile marketing

Agile Marketing
  • Complete data management and analyze insights, plan appropriate strategies
  • Quick, multiple small-scale tests to determine the key points of the marketing strategy
  • Determine and deploy strategies, automate execution and maintenance
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