Customer Engagement Management

Interaction management platform

Omni-channel is a necessary option

Today’s customers will contact and interact with companies in omni-channels. If companies look at different channels in isolation, for example, using e-commerce platforms and WeChat as two unrelated channels, then the same customer may receive information inconsistencies in different channels,it will greatly destroys the customer experience.

Wechat marketing

At present, WeChat is still the App with the longest average usage time of Internet users, and it has also become an excellent channel for enterprises and customers to communicate and interact. It is very suitable for carrying long-term personalized services, communication and precision marketing for enterprises and customers. DM Hub supports all interactive methods on the WeChat platform, including the personalized menu of the official account, grouped push of graphics and text, personalized automatic reply, and centralized management and precise push and dissemination of template messages, WeChat coupons, and red envelopes.

SMS marketing

DM Hub provides a complete SMS marketing solution, from SMS template editing, dynamic content, short link service, one person-one link, to targeted timing sending, real-time monitoring, and effect evaluation. DM Hub’s SMS marketing is built on the underlying stable and reliable delivery service platform to ensure that it maintains good stability and speed even with large delivery volumes.

Email marketing

DM Hub’s email marketing solution includes email sending address management (customizable domain name, independent IP can be applied for), email template management and editing, dynamic content integration, short link service, etc. Reach is the core measurement index of email marketing, which is determined by a series of factors. DM Hub provides a complete set of solutions to feedback the arrival rate and unsubscribe management.

App push

App message push is an important communication channel. According to customers' App usage, combined with omni-channel user portraits, brands can proactively reach customers through message pushes. DM Hub integrates the domestic mainstream message push platforms "Aurora" (极光)and "Getui"(个推), supports connection to the push platform used by enterprise Apps, can perform accurate 1-to-1 message push, and supports push message management, dynamic content, regular targeted push, delivery effect monitoring and other functions.

Alipay Life account

If a company’s business and customers have offline payment transactions and have the opportunity to obtain a large number of customers to connect through Alipay Life account, the company should refer to the WeChat official account to conduct precise communication and service with customers on the Alipay platform. DM Hub provides precision marketing solutions for Alipay Life accounts, including Alipay Life account authorization, template message editing, targeted sending and effect monitoring, card and coupon management and push, etc.


In addition to direct contact channels, companies can also make accurate advertising exposures to customers (or potential customers). Domestic mainstream advertising platforms can support targeted advertising retargeting. DM Hub can connect to mainstream DSP platforms and advertising platforms. Through precise segmentation of company-owned customers, accurate advertising can be generated, which can effectively improve the conversion rate.

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