Digitization and digital link


Fully digitize and establish digital links with target audiences and customer touchpoints

Transaction as touch

Whether it is offline stores, platform e-commerce (Tmall, JD, etc.), self-operated e-commerce, most of today's brands have completed omni-channel transaction capabilities. These transaction links are the most important touch points for direct contact with customers and fully communication with the products and services provided. While completing the transaction, complete the connection to the customer's long-term communication channels, as well as accurate insights into buying habits, frequency, product preferences, and purchase channel preferences.


WeChat gives the brand a powerful possibility to connect, communicate and interact with customers (including potential customers). Whether it is WeChat advertisements, official accounts, mini programs or WeChat groups, they can connect customers effectively. Due to WeChat’s strict identity system, brands can easily identify individual customers in the WeChat environment and achieve one to one precise communication and interaction.

E-commerce platform-Tmall & JD

Today, e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD.com are the main online sales positions, and the sales share of e-commerce platforms for certain categories has exceeded 50%. Tmall and JD.com are extremely important sales channels, but not only sales channels, but also a highly digitalized position where brands and consumers interact. It is the homework that every brand must complete based on the second-party data and services provided by the platform e-commerce, and marketing services (such as Tmall membership) to facilitate the digital link and long-term interaction between brands and customers.

Official website, App and Mini Program

In addition to relying on social platforms, e-commerce platforms, etc. channels that are completely built and controlled by the brand need to be adhered to. Whether it is the official website, App or Mini Program, it can not only understand the behavior of each customer through data monitoring, but also complete customer identification and establish communication channels in conjunction with the registration process.

Product as touch point

For consumer product brands, the product itself has become an important offline touchpoint. By superimposing interactive portals on product packaging, digital links can be established with consumers, and a large number of consumer behaviors can be collected. Common ways are:

-One item-one code for traceability and anti-counterfeiting.
-One item-one code for promotional.

Online and offline activities

Every season, the brand conducts a large number of online and offline marketing activities that directly contact customers (potential customers). Brands need to establish a unified data management system to establish connections and collect data from customers participating in each event. It also includes the optimization of certain offline activities to increase digital contacts and interactive links.

Customer service

Customers may contact the brand through various channels, ask questions or seek services. These channels include official website, WeChat, e-commerce, email, phone, etc. If the brand has not established omni-channel customer service capabilities, it must make up for it as soon as possible. At the same time, the customer service process has become an important part of customer connection and customer insight.

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