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Establish a digital marketing ecosystem

From fragmented marketing scenarios to integrated closed-loop marketing systems, the entire marketing ecosystem is constantly evolving. With the rapid digitization of consumers and the explosive growth of digital channels, the demand for digital marketing platforms and digital marketing ecosystems is increasing. Through technology integration, DM Hub work together with quality service providers from all walks of life, provides enterprises with integrated marketing platform capabilities including sales, e-commerce integration, customer service, advertising, efficiency tools, smart stores, message push, game applications, and content creation.

Open ability

Through metadata-driven design, DM Hub supports comprehensive technical integration capabilities from interface, function to data. DM Hub provides more than 20 system extension points. Developers can provide enterprises with seamless user experience and powerful system functions.

Application market

Developers can develop and publish marketing applications based on the DM Hub Open platform, based on the insights into the corporate marketing pain points. Business owners can choose suitable applications from a large number of marketing applications to install and use, one-click installation, and use immediately.

Developer Service

We will provide one-to-one technical consultation, professional training guidance, rich interface documentation, stable system services, and free test accounts with independent data. In the future, we will also build a complete developer interactive community to improve services.

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