The "crisis" and "opportunity" of big data in commercial real estate

In the new era of digitization and informatization, how can we better meet people's needs in work, life, and entertainment? By establishing a complete digital ecosystem, the shopping mall continues to develop high-quality and innovative services, invests more resources to build a technological ecosystem, and enhance people's life experience.

CapitaLand: The

Customer Profile

A wholly-owned subsidiary of an overseas shopping mall brand in China has been committed to the investment, development and management of high-quality residential and commercial real estate nationwide for more than 20 years. As a real estate developer who is optimistic about the Chinese market for a long time, the shopping mall has entered the Chinese market for more than 10 years. It has been integrating its comprehensive advantages in various fields of real estate to contribute its professional essence to the cities it visits, and is committed to contributing to the urbanization process of China.

Customer challenge

-The shopping mall is a leading enterprise in the comprehensive commercial complex that challenges self-built online mall mini programs, and faces huge unknowns and challenges.

-Lack of an effective customer operation platform to plan, design, execute and monitor user operations and various marketing activities in real time. The operation work heavily relies on manual labor, and the effect evaluation is difficult.


- Precision marketing: Customer segmentation according to different points level, and accurately push the most suitable products for each group member under the point level.

- Adaptive multi-band communication: 3 continuous automated interactive processes are embedded in marketing activities to impress edge customers who hesitate in the conversion process a second time to further improve conversion.

Project effectiveness

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