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Convertlab | Shanghai Xin Zhaoyang Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Convertlab is the first native marketing cloud in China. Convertlab bridges the gap between data and growth through a one-stop marketing cloud service that makes marketing simple and makes growth natural.
Formerly an internal startup team, core members came out as a complete Business Unit. Functional groups include development, promotion, and operation.With average of 12 years experience in SaaS industry, core team have released and promoted several global SaaS product.



Has provided enterprise-level services and obtained best practices for more than 200 companies

Convertlab takes the integration of "marketing technology" and "operation art" as its specialty, and provides professional, convenient and intelligent integrated marketing cloud solutions based on the DM Hub product developed by independent innovation. With the help of Internet big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, it helps companies build portrait insights that are close to the real behavior of users.
Through marketing automation, precise reach and interaction, customer experience is improved, and new data-driven marketing is implemented to achieve super growth in performance.
At present, Convertlab has provided enterprise-level services and obtained best practices for more than 200 companies. The service industry involves retail, finance, Internet, and fast-moving consumer goods.



Digital marketing helps companies achieve super growth

Connect customers directly and establish their own traffic pools. In the process of direct connection, build user data assets belonging to the enterprise itself.
Realize data assets through refined operations. Measure everything and establish a scientific system to manage corporate marketing.

Our core values

Development path

  • July

    Convertlab established

  • August

    Selected into Microsoft Accelerator from 1200+ companies

  • December

    Have the first paying customer

  • June

    DM Hub officially released,the 1st integrated marketing cloud solution in China.

  • June

    Completed “A” round

  • March

    DM Hub is verified by financial institutions and can support tens of millions of online users

  • June

    Started to provide operation services

  • December

    DM Hub 2.0 Grayscale Release & Held the first China MarTech (MTCC2017) Summit in Shanghai.

  • June

    Become the first batch of JD Cloud solution partners.

  • August

    Held the 2nd China MarTech (MTCC2018) Summit in Beijing

  • November

    Selected into the first batch of cooperative enterprises in the FinTech innovation project of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

  • December

    Established a laboratory with Duke Kunshan University to start an AI marketing research project

  • December

    Held the 3nd China MarTech (MTCC2019) Summit in Shanghai.

  • October

    Launched DM Hub 3.0 with platformization, intelligentalization, eco-systemization as the main enhancements.

  • March

    Started partnership program,20+ partners recruited,including Accenture,Huawei,Alibaba,Baidu,JD,Tencent.

  • August

    “B” round is about to start

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