Sam:Personalized marketing strategy to promote both operational efficiency and operational efficiency

Sam's CRM system manages millions of members. The system can no longer support the actual needs of member operations. Convertlab has established a user operation platform for it, integrates omni-channel data, provides analysis insights, and automated marketing tools to truly achieve personalized marketing.

Sam: Personalized marketing strategy to promote operational efficiency.

Customer Profile

Sam's Club is a high-end membership store under the Fortune 500 company Wal-Mart. Its name is taken from the legendary figure in the retail industry, Mr. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Since the first Sam's Club opened in Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA in April 1983, Sam has a history of more than 30 years. In the early 1990s, Sam began to enter the international market and has developed into one of the world's largest membership stores. Sam has more than 800 stores around the world, providing a high-quality shopping experience for more than 50 million individuals and business members; China’s first Sam’s Club opened in Shenzhen on August 12, 1996, and has more than 2 million members in China.

Customer challenge

The membership renewal rate is the North Star Metric of its business. In China, with the rise of Internet fresh food e-commerce brands, the achievement of this indicator has been continuously impacted.

-The data of online and offline channels are fragmented, such as members and WeChat fans form a data island, which cannot be identified to drive APP registration.

-It is difficult to intelligently manage customer groups and commodity labels.

-Traditional marketing is inefficient and lacks automatic marketing tools, making it difficult to achieve a series of cultivating and reaching scenarios for different customer stages and key moments of member care.

-Multi-channel contents interaction tracking has become a difficult point, and it is impossible to track the complete behavior path and content interaction preferences of members in mini programs, WeChat official accounts, Apps and other channels.


- Thousands of People and Thousands of Faces] Marketing strategy, refined customer portraits, to achieve accurate crowd reach, push personalized content and product information for different members

- Participate in membership life cycle management in all channels, automatic process scene tools to improve marketing efficiency, enrich marketing activities, strengthen interaction with consumers, and increase stickiness

- Pre-judge the key nodes of the user life cycle by setting the user activity model, and set up the automatic maintenance process of the user journey such as [normalization of old members to promote], [low active users to prevent loss of moat], etc., to improve CLV

- By building a smart user labeling system, complete in-depth insights into user portraits, achieve group marketing based on user portraits and membership operation decision tree marketing based on the probability of renewal, and increase conversion rates

Project effectiveness

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