Agile marketing

Agile marketing

Agile marketing guarantees the success of the practice

The first step is to analyze insights and establish a marketing framework and strategy

The basis of agile marketing is the mastery of data, so data collection, sorting, and processing must be completed first. After analyzing the insights, a framework related to the customer system was established, including the life cycle model, key moments of MOT at each stage, and the basic communication strategy corresponding to each MOT.

This step completes the work from data to planning.

The second step is to conduct rapid and multiple small-scale tests to determine the key points of the marketing strategy

The second essence of agile marketing is to respect practice and use the results of practice to verify whether the hypothetical strategy is effective. This step requires a small-scale rapid test of the various strategies defined in the previous step, and verifies and optimizes the strategies through real test results. In particular, find out the key parameters in the strategy, such as: what kind of discount is the most appropriate for the potential loss of people.

The third step is to formally deploy a verified strategy, automatically execute it and continue to optimize

After completing the second step of quick test verification, the automated marketing communication strategy can be deployed. The advantage of automation is that one deployment runs automatically for a long time, and usually only a small amount of energy is needed for monitoring. Of course, periodic analysis of effects is necessary, and the strategy is continuously optimized through regular review.

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