OSM:Use refined data to empower BA in beauty offline stores

By cooperating with Convertlab, we can realize the direct control of consumer data and the refined operation of the BA business of dealers and stores to achieve a win-win situation.

OSM:Use refined data to empower BA in beauty offline stores

Customer Profile

A high-end beauty brand under a large domestic daily chemical group advocates natural, healthy, gentle and effective skin care concepts. With the help of celebrity endorsements and many years of dissemination on traditional media channels such as television, the brand has a high reputation in China.

Customer challenge

-The customer information and contact information under the dealer channel are all in the hands of BA. The brand has no direct communication method with the customers under the dealer channel, and customer information cannot be collected.

-Brands have no control over distributor channels, and the BA in stores under distributors has insufficient motivation to promote products and has no convenient promotion tools.


- All-staff promotion: Use all-staff promotion tools to empower BA in offline stores, so that BA can promote products quickly and conveniently and promote the brand.

- Offline guided attention: guide customers to follow the unified official account, directly connect customers to improve customer profile, and form refined brand operations and publicity. At the same time, the brand can control the dealer channels, understand the dealer channel promotion effects, and the points for all employees to promote Statistics can also inspire store BA and increase sales.

- Commodity QR code: In conjunction with the promotion of new products, customers and BA will receive rewards after they complete the verification. Repurchase can be promoted for customers, and rewards and incentives can be provided for BA.

Project effectiveness

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