Chiaus: The maternal and infant industry will truly enter a new stage of "Member Refined Marketing"

Chiaus adheres to the concept of "consumer first" and cultivating super users. We have established a CDP platform for our customers to connect and obtain data for personalized and precise access, improve user experience, and qualitatively improve the transformation of membership marketing.

Chiaus: The industry will truly enter a new stage of

Customer Profile

With a history of more than ten years, a leading domestic maternal and infant brand, a large-scale enterprise specializing in manufacturing infant and child health care products integrating R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service. The company attaches great importance to R&D and innovation, has dozens of invention patents, and constantly updates its production equipment to ensure product excellence. Relying on its strong market reputation, the maternal and infant brand has become the top e-commerce diaper brand in China for six consecutive years.

Customer challenge

-Tmall, Taobao,,, Vipshop and other e-commerce channels have isolated and non-interoperable data, making it difficult to help sales.

-The original membership center was developed earlier, with single functions, rough pages, poor interactive experience, and loose points rules.

-Members and non-members operate indiscriminately, the reach of content is not personalized, and the reach of key nodes is not time-sensitive.

-Most of the millions of historical membership data are in a dormant state, which does not stimulate consumption and brand communication.


- Establish a CDP platform to aggregate data from various channels such as WeChat, membership, and transactions to form a global consumer profile. Personalized and precise access based on data insights to enhance user experience and stimulate consumption conversion.

- Refactored the membership center, points mall and points rules, thousands of people show the baby's growth stage and interactive tasks, and everyone visits every day is a new look.

- Invite interesting and diverse member activities such as gift, 0 Yuan trial, membership day, egg-breaking day, growth gift, etc. to promote brand promotion and member repurchase.

Project effectiveness

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