ASUS: Start with offline data to achieve growth of 1,000+ stores against the trend

Terminal consumption data is difficult to return, store management system is complex, ASUS operation center directly connects consumers, empowering offline store daily operations and achieving business growth

ASUS: Achieve growth of 1,000+ stores against the trend

Customer Profile

Asustek Computer Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer, the world’s third largest graphics card manufacturer, and one of the world’s leading 3C solution providers. It is committed to providing individuals and business customers with the most innovative value products and application solutions. Asustek's product line covers a full range of 3C products such as notebook computers, motherboards, graphics cards, servers, optical storage, wired/wireless network communication products, LCDs, handheld computers, and smart phones. Among them, the three major products of graphics cards and motherboards, as well as notebook computers, have become the main competitive strength of Asustek.

Customer challenge

The 16 regional stores across the country (direct-operated stores and franchise or platform stores) supported by the operation center are diverse and complex, unable to achieve refined store operations. Asustek is looking for ways to digitally transform and upgrade offline stores.

-There is no unified POS system in ASUS stores, and the commodity QR code system has not been established. Offline store data has become a blind spot, offline store transaction data cannot be recovered, and the operation center cannot accurately grasp consumer data.

-It is difficult for the operation center to efficiently empower all dealers across the country, and it is difficult to start accurately planning marketing activities without the guidance of accurate data. Customer conversion rate and unit price are also problems, consumer data and activity data continue to be lost.

-The business line corresponds to different consumer groups such as ordinary offline store customers, college students, senior game players, and how to achieve refined operations.


- Aiming  at ASUS consumers in various regions, enhance the interactive gaming experience in stores. Use DM Hub's micro-pages and activity mini-programs as digital touchpoints to simultaneously collect consumer information when interacting with consumers.

- With 1,000+ store managers, regional marketing and distributor support departments across the country, they can quickly and independently create store consumer interaction and promotion activities through DM Hub, and collect relevant data on store personnel, goods, and markets, and establish each store’s own data management centers master the data of each store and consumer to increase the purchase conversion rate.

- For the center operation department, through the DM Hub, all the WeChat operations of 16 branches are opened and the data is unified, and the national store data management is carried out. Grasp the operating status of stores nationwide and provide targeted support. On the other hand, through the construction of different official accounts and operation methods, it has achieved refined customer operation.

Project effectiveness

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