Customer Data Platform

Customer data platform

Flexible and scalable customer data structure

The core purpose of CDP is to fully research "customers". DM Hub cleverly defines the "customer" data model, which can directly support various mainstream customer data sources, including offline transactions, platform e-commerce, self-built e-commerce, WeChat, memberships, websites, App, mini programs, etc. And the data structure has a high degree of flexibility and scalability, and the data structure can be expanded freely in a development-free way to meet the actual situation of the enterprise.

Automatic aggregation of omni-channel data

The data left by the same customer in different channels is very different, whether it is the content of the data, the amount of data, or the identity information contained in the data. DM Hub has built-in automatic identification and automatic merging functions, which can effectively aggregate the omni-channel data of the same customer to the customer's global file without manual steps in the process.

Life cycle model

DM Hub has a built-in customer life cycle management module, which can conveniently visualize the life cycle of ideal customers, including the definition and automatic judgment of different stages, and automatic migration between different stages. at the same time, it provides effective analysis and insight tools, including The distribution of customers at each stage of the life cycle, the trend of changes in the population at different stages, etc.

Label management

"Label" is the core part of the customer profile. DM Hub has a complete label management module, including the definition of multi-level label structure, label logic definition, and multiple label generation methods. DM Hub supports different generation methods such as manual batch tagging, automated process tags, automated rule tags, model calculation tags, and custom logic tags. In addition, DM Hub also provides label template libraries for various industries, effectively shortening the time to build an overall label library from scratch.

Customer segmentation

After completing the individual profile of each customer, the segmentation of the customer group can be carried out. Customer segmentation is one of the important basic tasks for all analysis, insight and precision marketing. DM Hub’s ability to subdivide the customer is extremely powerful and flexible. You can choose any selection for multi-level combination. The refresh dimension includes all data managed in DM Hub, including basic customer attributes, profile data, behavior data, transaction records, membership files, and marketing data,etc.

Open interface

DM Hub has a mature and complete open interface, which can not only receive raw data from the outside, but also output the processed profile data to an external system, and it can also flexibly exchange data between crowd packages and other systems. Through the open data interface and flexible scalability, CDP can be used as a middle platform for enterprise customer data management, for continuous data collection and exchange, and maximize data value.

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