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Strategic Marketing and Automation

Seize the critical moment

During the entire customer life cycle of understanding, communicating with the brand, purchasing products and receiving services, there are some "Moment of Truth" (MOT). For example, the first few minutes when a customer pays attention to the brand WeChat official account, the time period when the customer purchases goods online and has not paid, and the member is about to enter an inactive period. These critical moments are the best time for marketing and are often fleeting. Accurate capture and good use will produce great results.

Always On Engagement

When the MOT at each critical moment of the customer life cycle has been sorted out clearly, the company needs to develop a communication strategy for each MOT and communicate in time at a specific time. Naturally, such a communication strategy must be automated. When the brand has deployed an automated communication strategy one by one, an always on engagement communication mechanism is formed.


In addition to the MOT and Always On communication strategies that accompany the customer life cycle, companies also need to carry out active marketing for specific target customer groups, this is the Campaign everyone is familiar with. After having data insight capabilities, Campaign has also been upgraded to Data-driven Campaign. Under a large event theme, people with different characteristics, content communication points, channel communication, and communication timing need to be treated differently to maximize the event.

Combination of scale & personalization

In the field of marketing and communication, large-scale communication is not difficult. There are many means such as advertising and mass posting. Non-scale personalized communication is not difficult. It can even provide one-to-one services to VVIP customers. Personalized communication with large-scale customers is difficult. Many enterprise have reached millions customers, and achieving personalized communication with large-scale customers requires a clear crowd stratification strategy, corresponding content strategy and strong tool support.

Strategic model in line with industry characteristics

The above-mentioned methods of large-scale and personalized communication strategies are applicable to various industries, but the specific implementation strategies of each industry will be different in details. Each industry needs to summarize the best practices common to the industry, and companies can learn from industry experience and try to optimize strategies that suit their own conditions.

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