Foton: Marketing automation services 6 million car owners, and the customer conversion rate has increased by 7 times

By building a CDP platform for data management and integration of operation, Foton was able to sort out the MOT panorama of member omni-channel marketing scenarios to achieve precise and personalized digital marketing.

Foton: MA services 6 million customers, and the conversion rate has increased by 7 times

Customer Profile

Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (Futian Motor for short) is China's largest commercial vehicle company with the most comprehensive variety. Foton Motor was established on August 28, 1996, headquartered in Beijing, with KD factories in more than 20 countries around the world, covering 110 markets and service networks around the world, and its commercial vehicle overseas market has maintained its No. 1 position for four consecutive years. Current assets over 69 billion Yuan and nearly 40,000 employees. On June 22, 2017, in the ranking of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" released by the World Brand Lab, "Futian Motors" ranked 34th with 112.578 billion Yuan, ranking first in the commercial vehicle industry and fourth in the automotive industry. The leading commercial vehicle company for 13 consecutive years. So far, it has produced and sold nearly 8 million vehicles.

Customer challenge

-There are obstacles at the level of data integration and data application, unable to achieve precise segmentation of the population, and unable to give full play to the value of customer data assets.

-The degree of personalized reach needs to be improved, and the interaction is not precise enough. The push is mostly based on mass posting, and there is no system to support the direct segmentation of customers or members. Therefore, information design based on customer transaction stages, vehicle operation status, and membership App activity has not yet been implemented personalized operation scenarios.

-It is unable to intelligently analyze access traffic and customer behavior, trigger marketing activities in a targeted manner, and the timeliness of manual operation is not strong enough.


- Customers build a CDP platform for data management, and DM Hub connects and acquires data for personalized and precise access to achieve marketing and performance growth.

- Integrate customer, contact, member, vehicle, maintenance, service feedback, questionnaire feedback, online Internet behavior and other data into a unified platform to truly realize a 360° profile of customers. Let the marketing department independently conduct multi-dimensional analysis based on the needs of marketing activities, subdivide the population, and directly reach out accurately.

- Sort out the customer life cycle and customer journey, set up automated marketing strategies at key points of the journey, effectively improve customer experience, increase service satisfaction and brand loyalty, thereby increasing the value of direct customer contribution.

Project effectiveness

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