Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation platform

4 types of automated marketing, supporting all marketing scenarios

DM Hub supports a variety of automated marketing types, which can achieve 99.9% of marketing scenarios:
- Active marketing, the company proactively initiates communication or marketing reach to specific groups of people
- Triggered marketing, where changes in customer characteristics or characteristics trigger enterprise presets in real time Marketing Reach
- Periodic marketing, where the company initiates marketing reach and communication to a specific group of people in a fixed cycle
- Anniversary marketing, marketing reach and communication triggered by a set time point

Customer Journey Builder

Personalized, warm, and effective communication is not a simple one-time touch, but an organic combination of a series of active touches and personalized content in time, sequence and touch point selection. At the same time, good and effective communication also needs automatic According to the actual situation of communication and interaction, the next communication method and content are determined, which is the "customer journey". DM Hub provides a world-leading automated marketing engine, coupled with a customer journey editor, enterprise users can design and edit customer journeys intuitively and in a fully graphical manner.

Abundant execution modules and control modules

DM Hub provides extremely rich execution and control modules to realize the design and execution of various customer journeys. Including:
- Omni-channel communication facing customers
- Modification and control of internal customer attributes and characteristics
- Real-time process control based on customer behavior and characteristics
- Timing control

A/B testing

We uphold the concept of agile marketing and encourage companies to continuously try, iterate and optimize marketing strategies. DM Hub provides a complete A/B testing function. You can add A/B testing at any step in the customer journey design, test and verify all factors in the strategy (target population, content, timing, communication channels), and find the best Excellent solution.

Real-time monitoring, effect evaluation

After the customer journey designed, it can be started and executed with one key, and then it will enter the real-time monitoring state. Enterprise users can obtain statistics on execution effects in real time, analyze the transformation effects of each step, and obtain comprehensive insights from quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis. At the same time, the automatic process of DM Hub can be adjusted at any time during operation. The original strategy version will continue to be executed during the adjustment and modification period, and it can be automatically switched to the new version after the new version is released.

Powerful engine, stable operation for a long time under large data volume

DM Hub's automation engine has a well-designed technical architecture, and has been verified by a large number of industry-leading customers, and successfully supports the stable operation of marketing scenarios for several years under the amount of nearly tens of millions of customers.

Powerful expansion capability

Combined with the platform capabilities of DM Hub, companies can freely expand the capabilities of MAP, such as adding a company-specific execution model to the journey editor.

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