DDI: Realize true customer cultivation automation with the help of integrated marketing cloud

From vague user portraits, to multi-channel identification and mergers, customer interactions across the entire scene, building a complete label system, and through digital insights, DDI has truly begun to use automated and personalized means to nurturing customers, and finally achieved nearly 40% Increased user engagement and significant performance improvement.

DDI: Realize true customer cultivation automation with the  marketing cloud

Customer Profile

DDI (Development Dimensions International, Inc. DDI for short) is the world's leading human resources and leadership consulting company. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, it currently has 75 offices in 26 countries around the world, serving 91 countries and regions. As a world-renowned consulting company with leadership evaluation and development as its core services, DDI was named the "Best Leadership Consulting Company" by Kennedy Consulting, an international authority, in 2016. DDI cooperates with many of the world's most successful organizations to help customers achieve outstanding performance by creating dedicated, high-performance human resources. DDI focuses on two major areas: designing and implementing a talent selection system to help companies quickly hire outstanding talents; discovering and developing outstanding leaders who can build high-performance work teams. In September 2003, with the formal establishment of DDI Shanghai branch, DDI has promoted advanced leadership development technology to more than 150 Chinese companies, more than half of which are multinational or joint venture companies.

Customer challenge

-The data of each channel cannot be automatically captured, and it is in a state of fragmentation, not integrated into one platform.

-Leads acquired through various channels have no systematic management, no indicators for customer lead maturity, and lack of effective management of customer data, resulting in low conversion rates.

-Online and offline activities cannot be managed and monitored throughout the process, and there is a lack of statistical analysis tools for the effect of activities, which makes it difficult to help further optimization.

-Marketing work is mostly performed by traditional manual methods, and there is a lack of automated tools to help improve efficiency.


- All-channel leads capture: DDI integrates multi-channel customer sources such as official website registered users, WeChat subscription accounts and service account fans, and offline activity retention users through DM Hub, combined with its own business scenarios, and merges through data cleaning and identity recognition. Established a complete corporate lead pool.

- Automated nurturing: According to user source, reading preference, reading channel, reading frequency, predict user demand preference, urgency and decision value, design automatic nurturing process, push personalized product content, questionnaire, and pre-cultivation before sales visit to improve The number of qualified leads for marketing supports smoother sales.

- Digitalization of offline events: Use DM Hub to implement digital conference marketing scenarios, from event registration, sign-in, event interaction, questionnaire feedback and other complete processes, continuous cultivation after the event, and enter the automated cultivation scenario according to the event and user feedback needs.

Project effectiveness

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