Omni-channel interaction


Interact and collaborate with your customers in all channels

Manage all interaction channels on a unified platform

Where your customers are, where the brand experience and service are, timely communication with customers in all channels becomes a necessary ability. Whether it is traditional emails, SMS, App push, or social platforms such as WeChat, as well as new communication channels such as Alipay Life account, miniprogram notifications, advertising platform retargeting, etc. These need to be managed, planned and executed on a unified platform communicate with customers, and seamlessly connect and collaborate across channels.

Centralized management of communication content

Each communication channel has a different content format, as simple as a 70-word SMS template, and as complex as a mobile H5 page. Because of the profound insights into the customers, the content management can realize the precise marketing. The precise content and the automatic matching of different characteristic groups (or even individuals) are important capabilities of content management.

Planning, design, execution and monitoring of communication

Customer communication needs to be considered from the entire life cycle, including communication planning, content strategy and design, communication execution (crowd orientation, scheduled delivery or release), actual execution, and real-time monitoring throughout the process.

effect evaluation

Perform timely analysis and evaluation after each communication is executed, including direct communication effects (such as SMS link CTR, email delivery rate, WeChat template messages delivery rate, etc.) and derivative effects (such as landing page visits, conversion rate, etc.) .

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